M3 Globular Cluster


Mark Griffith

Swindon, Wiltshire. UK

Celestron c11 sct, skywatcher NEQ6 pro mount, Atik 383L+ camera, motorised filter wheel and Astronomik LRGB filter set.

An unexpected clear night. Snowing in the afternoon but the sky started clearing at tea time.

Using the 6.3 focal reducer so had a 30 minute frame. Didn’t need to refocus between filter changes.

Using StarTools for processing, The HDR and constrast brought out the detail. Wipe sorted out the slight edge vignetting. Well worth 40 pounds.

I’ve been struggling to get decent results with Paintshop\Photoshop\Gimp curve and level ajustments.

Only using Paintshop to convert the final tiff to a jpg file.

LRGB 18 frames with each filter unbinned 90 second exposures. 25 dark, bias and flats. Deep sky Stacker, StarTools & Paintshop Pro X5.