M31 Andromeda Galaxy


andrea pistocchini

Germignaga (VA) Italy

Tecnosky 80/480 with 0,8x reducer
149×300 sec 800 ISO with Canon 450D
Guide with Skywatcher 70/500 and qhy5 II Mono
Germignaga (VA) Italy

Finally i finished this image about M31 galaxy. It is the biggest integration i have ever made in these first three years of astrophotography. I wanted to continue with more integration but it seemed to me that the signal couldn’t improve much more with shots at 300 seconds:) For this image i have spent 3 evenings: one in August and two in October. Respectively 16×300, 95×300 and 38×300 to ISO 800 with Canon 450D and Tecnosky 80/480.
It’s a HDR composition with 31×30 to 800 ISO to the core. Processing with PixInsight and Photoshop. I have left some doubts regarding the colours, by comparing them to other images but it seems correct :)
In the future i will take some data in H-alpha, but i need the filter before! :)