M33 – The Triangulum Galaxy

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Daniel Cameron

Patna, East Ayrshire

Celestron Edge HD 8″ SCT
Canon EOS 60Da
NEQ6 Mount
ISO 1600
x19 90 Second exposures
x40 Dark Frames
x40 Bias Frames
The images were stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and then processed in Photoshop CS6.

M33, Also known as NGC 598 is Spiral Galaxy approximately 3 Million light-years from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. With a diameter of approximately 60,000 light-years and thought to contain around 40 billion stars, it is the 3rd largest galaxy in the local group including the Milkyway and the Andromeda galaxies along with about 44 smaller local galaxies. It is one of the most distant things visible to the naked eye from a suitable dark sky site under good conditions.

I’m over the moon with how well the image has turned out, I absolutely love imaging galaxies as they give me an immense sense of satisfaction.