M33 – The Triangulum Galaxy


Matt Foyle


FSQ106ED at f/8
Baader Filters
Autoguided with Orion mini guider and QHY5m camera through the ST4 port
Captured using Nebulosity V3, processed fully in PixInsight 1.8 and only resized in CS5

This is this year’s go at M33 I had planned to go to around 30hrs on this target at f/8. Due to the weather however all I’ve managed is 13hrs of usable exposures cloud has reduced the count of the three nights of the 3rd, 9th and 14th of September. It’s made up of 15x 20min Ha, 20x Luminance, 9x Red and Blue and 11x Green 10min exposures on the QHY9m cooled to -20C through Baader 2″ CCD HA, LRGB filters.

I’ve always been fascinated by this target since I first imaged it and was suprised to learn just how many star forming regions show up in in the arms and outside the structure. NGC609 is beautiful and it’s size is only hidden by it’s distance from us. After processing I found many smaller galaxies in the background and was unable to find any record of them. Two American friends helped me identify PGC5899. I was then even more shocked to learn that it is 500 million light years away from us. A really big thank you to Grant Blair and Stephen Migol for pointing me in the right direction. There are several other Principal Galaxy Catalogue galaxies in the background and I’m currently working my way through their details but I couldn’t have got started without their help. I’m hoping the weather will clear in my area and I can get a few more images of M33 before the splendour of M42 is truly with us.