M42, M43, The Running Man


Colin Cooper

Alcalali, Spain

Setup 1: Paramount MX+, twin Takahashi 106FSQ, twin QSI690, astrodon filters.
Setup 2: Avalon Linear, Takahashi 85FSQ, SXM25c.
All data captured using Nebulosity 4 and PHD2, and processed in Pixinsight.

This is an image of M42, M43 and T Running Man. It’s quite a common one I know, but this image is a little different as it’s narrowband and broadband data combined. I quite like the finished effect, nicely showing the different gas colours, so I ended up with a
LRGB, Ha, S11, O111 image :)
It was a major processing mission, getting through the 70hrs of data plus all the calibration frames. There is about 70hrs of data shot from 3 cameras on 2 setups!