M42 – The Great Nebula in Orion (And the Running Man)

M42 - The Great Nebula in Orion (And the Running Man) by Colin Robb

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Colin Robb

Kindrogan Field Centre – Near Pitlochry Scotland

Mount: HEQ5 Pro

Telescope: SW ED80 with SW Field Flattener and Focal Reducer

Camera: Modified Canon 500D

Image: Captured in RAW, with Dark and Bias Frames. 15×30, 1x60s, (all unguided) and 3x180s (guided at last!)

Processing: DeepSky Stacker, Adobe Camera Raw, and aligned, combined and finally processed in Photoshop CS6

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The first subs for this image were taken at home in Glasgow on the 10th of February 2016 with the final frames in a dark site at the Kindrogan Field Centre near Pitlochry on the following Saturday the 13th, while on a Dark Sky weekend with the Astronomical Society of Glasgow.

I love this photo because it is the first successful deep-sky image that I have ever taken! All the previous disappointments,technical issues and failures are now just a distant memory!