M53 Globular Cluster

M53 Globular Cluster by Mark Griffith

M53 Globular Cluster by Mark Griffith

Mark Griffith

Swindon, Wiltshire. UK

Celestron C11 Sct, Skywatcher NEQ6 pro mount,Atik 383L+ camera, motorised filter wheel and Astronomik filters.

Moon starting to get in the way this week. All the galaxies were too near but this cluster was quite a distant away from the moon.

Close to the globular cluster messier 3 so overlooked by imagers. Big and bright enough for a nice image.

LRGB image with 5 hours and 12 minutes of data. 68 x Lum 22 x Red 24 x Green 21 x Blue 2.5 minute exposures.