M81 Bode’s Galaxy


Mark Griffith

Swindon, Wiltshire. UK

GSO 8″ Richey-Chretien Optical tube, Skywatcher NEQ6 pro mount,Atik 383L+ camera, motorised filter wheel and Astronomik filters.

Galaxy season approaching so time to try a galaxy. Longer exposures of 7.5 minutes to capture the faint spiral arm detail.

Had to be careful with the curve adjustment. Wanted to bring out the spiral arms but not over brighten the core.

Data collected on two nights the 30th november and 4th december.

LRGB image with 7 hours 52 minutes of data and 7.5 minute sub frames. 31 x 5min Lum, 11 x 5min Red, 10 x 5min green & 11 x 5min blue.