Mars 18042014 on a cloudy night


Alan Kennedy

Ferryhill, County Durham

I used an 8″ SCT on a NEG6 mount with a ZWO ASI120MC camera with a 2x Vixen barlow. Processing was done in AutoStakkert,Wavelets in Registax 6 and colour balance in Photoshop.

Mars showing the north poler cap at the bottom and bright cloud in the Hellas Basin at the top to the right of the Hellas Basin is the pipe shaped Sinus Meridiani. Syrtis Major with some cloud on the top left limb and Mare Acidalium is on the bottom right limb with cloud over the far right of the limb.
There is a lot of cloud on Mars in this image, but as I was taking it I was fighting fast moving clouds all the time. First it was clear then it was completely over cast then clear, overcast, clear, overcast. When I stacked and processed these images I was glad that I stuck it out as they are the best images of Mars I have acquired to date.