Mercury Transit


Trevor Pitt & Mark Griffith

Wallingford, Oxfordshire. UK

Skywatcher Adventurer Astro mount. Skywatcher Equinox 66mm refractor. ZWO ASI120MC Colour CMOS camera. Lunt Solar Wedge.

From our work’s office car park at lunchtime.

Clouds were thick while setting up Trevor’s equipment. Fortunately the clouds started thinning at the start of the transit.

We tried visual observing with an eyepiece to begin with. Had no problems spotting mercury. Small but clearly visible against the sun’s disk.

We then had a go at some imaging next. Lots of cloud for the next 40 minutes but we managed two decent images. After 12:00 utc the cloud thicked for the rest of the afternoon.

First image at 11:25 utc second at 12:05 utc.

Plenty of interest by work colleagues as they passed us in the car park. They could clearly see Mercury on the laptop screen and were impressed.

Happy with with our lunchtime efforts given the poor cloudy conditions. Two images and some astronomy outreach as well.