Milky Way over Cape Cod

Mars & Saturn & Milky Way over Cape Cod
Canon 14mm, F5, 2500 ISO, 30sec

John Chumack

Cape Cod

I captured this shot with my Canon 6D DSLR,
14mm lens, F5, ISO 2500, 30 second exposure.

The Planets Mars & Saturn & The Milky Way over the Beach House on Cape Cod, overlooking Nantucket Sound. It was an interesting night, fighting strong winds, and had to hide between sand dunes to get a shot, Ticks everywhere, so you have to check yourself after being out there, Marine layer moisture started covering everything by 1:00am, moisture mixed with sand not fun on all my equipment! Seeing Mars & Saturn & the Milky Way was awesome…from these darker skies on the Cape than what we have in Ohio. Captured while on Family Vacation on the Beach in Dennisport , Cape Cod, MA.