My Moon!


Sandra Richards


Skywatcher 150pl, Nikon D90.

Well I’m a complete and utter beginner having received a very long and sexy Christmas pressie: a 6″ Newt. So I have been hanging around in dark places and my back garden wrapped up very warm and trying to find things in the night sky.

And so as usual I want to run before I can even stand up with astrophotography and astronomy.

I took this by holding the DLSR over the scope’s eyepiece. Purely to see what I could get, if anything.

And I just want to demonstrate that even a total clueless noob such as myself can get an image and say WOW!

Yes, it is very amateur and lacks finesse, but it’s one of my first and as old Coxy said ‘Thing’s can only better’. And with the wonderful help and guidance from the folks over st Stargazers Lounge forum thing’s will get much better indeed! With thanks to Ju_cooper for your PS help.