NGC 1333 – An Interstellar Dust Cloud


Callum Hayton

Southern France

Scope: Altair Astro 115EDT
Camera: Canon 600Da
Mount: NEQ6

NGC 1333 is a cosmic dust cloud located 1000 light years away in the constellation Perseus. The blue patches are reflection nebula, produced by a stars light being scattered over the clouds. The glowing red and orange patches next to the reflection nebula are known as Herbig-Haro objects. These are formed by newly born stars in the cloud emiting narrow jets of gas traveling at hundreds of miles per second, which then collide with the host dust cloud. These are found in all star forming regions but last no more than a few thousand years. This dusty image is a small part of a much larger area known as the Perseus molecular cloud.

Exposure Details:
113* 600 secs, ISO 800, f7

Total Exposure: 18.8 hours

Taken over 4 nights: 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd of November 2014