NGC 1491 Flaming man Nebula & NGC 1496 Open Star Cluster

Picture saved with settings applied.

Martin Pyott

St Andrews

Lunt 80mm ED Refractor with 0.8x FF/FR @ F5.5
Baader modified cooled Canon 600D
Hutech IDAS LP-V4 Filter
EQ-5 Synscan with WI-FI Adapter (Unguided)
ISO 3200
Exposure time: 2mins
73x Lights, 40x Darks, 23x flats, & 8 bais frames.
Stacked DSS & Final processed in Photoshop CS 2016.

There a loads and loads of these small nebulae around the winter skies. But most often due to their small size mostly are forgotten with a lot of Astro-imagers. And Here I decided to image NGC 1491 The Flaming man Nebula (something totally different), which is a tiny HII Region gas nebula situated near Perseus constellation, SAO-24314 star and a very faint but pretty open star cluster NGC 1496. Due to it’s small size and very faint you pretty much need to boost the ISO setting to 3200 and 2 minutes on a modified IR camera to get it barely visible on the sensor.
This is no easy target but it shows how accurate the goto is achieved on my EQ-5 mount fitted with the latest Skywatcher WI-FI Adapter, which I would never been able to detect an faint object like this without it.