NGC 1502

NGC 1502 by Jaspal Chadha, London, UK. Equipment: Altair Astro RC 250TT, QHY9s Mono CCD, Chroma LRGB, Iotpron CEM60 mount

Jaspal Chadha


Date: 10/02/2016
Location: London (UK)
Altair Astro RC 250TT
QHY9s Mono CCD
Chroma LRGB 3 x 300 seconds each filter
Iotpron CEM60 mount

NGC 1502  (galactic) Cluster

At a distance of 3,000 light-years the NGC 1502 is an open star cluster of about 45 stars in Camelopardalis. This open cluster is one end of an asterism known as Kemble’s Cascade. NGC 1520 contains two Struve binaries, Struve 484 and 485 (HR 1260).