NGC 2237



La Jonquera y Ocentejo

Equipment used in La Jonquera by José Jiménez:

– Telescope Long Perng ED90

– Mount Orion Atlas EQ-G

– CCD Atik 383L +

– Guide tube EZ60

– Guiding ccd Starlight Xpress Lodestar guide

– 20×600 Atik 383L + Baader H-Alpha 7nn

– 20×600 Atik 383L + Baader OIII 8,5nn

– 20×600 Atik 383L + Baader SII 8nn

Equipment used in Ocentejo by Raul Villaverde:

– Telescope Takahashy FSQ106ED

– Mount NQ6 PRO

– Camera Canon 550D DSLR property and cooled by Xap

– Guide tube EZ60

– Guiding CCD QHY5

– 30×600 RGB with DSLR Canon 550D and H-Alpha filter and Baader 7nn

– 20×300 RGB with Canon 550D DSLR

Object: NGC2237 Nebula Roseta
Made from La Jonquera – Girona – Spain in December 2015 and Ocentejo – Guadalajara – Spain in January 2016
Calibrated, stacking and image processing with Pixinsight, combined in SHO + RGB palette, final retouch Lightroom