NGC 281

NGC 281 by Gary Opitz, Rochester, NY, USA.

Gary Opitz

Rochester, NY USA

TEC140APO refractor
ZWO ASI1600MM camera
ZWO Ha 7 nm filter
Astrodon OIII 5 nm filter
Orion Atlas mount

Captured with Ha and OIII filters and processed using a bicolor HOO palette with a synthesized third green channel.
Acquired 86 sub exposures with the Ha filter and 78 sub exposures with the OIII filter. All sub exposures were 4 minutes in length for 10.9 hours of total integration.
The Ha and OIII data were acquired on two different nights.
Calibration was with 30 dark frames, 30 flat frames, and 80 bias frames for each filter.
Calibration and stacking was with DeepSkyStacker.
Processing was with PixInsight and Photoshop.