NGC 6946 The Fireworks Galaxy

NGC 6946 The Fireworks Galaxy by Terry Hancock, Fremont, Michigan, USA. Equipment: Astro-Tech AT10RC, QHY9M CCD

Terry Hancock

Fremont, Michigan

A reprocess of data from 2012 using an Astro-Tech AT10RC and a QHY9M CCD, 15 min sub exposures were used. Total Integration time 5.5 hours.

18 million Light Years away in between the Constellations of Cepheus and Cygnus lies the colorful Fireworks Galaxy which is somewhat obscured by the dense interstellar matter of our own Milky Way Galaxy, classified as an Intermediate Spiral Galaxy which is in between a Barred and an Unbarred Galaxy and it’s known that over 100 Supernovae have occurred during the last 100 years.