NGC 6960 Witch`s Broom Nebula


Frank Iwaszkiewicz

Eggersdorf near Berlin

Location/ Date:
Eggersdorf, GER / 22.+ 23.+ 24.+ 27.+ 29. August 2017
Telescope/ Lens:
10“ f/4 TS ONTC Newton
Celestron CGE GPS
Atik 383L+
Exposure time:
34x 1200″ Astronomik Ha 6nm
31x 1200″ Astronomik [OIII] 6nm
26x 1200″ Astronomik [SII] 6nm
Total exposure:
30.3 hours

10,000 years ago suddenly a new light appeared at the night sky and faded after some weeks. Today we know that this light was caused by an exploding star, a supernova. The interstellar shock wave that has been ejected by that devastating explosion rushed through the space, pushed togehter and exited any interstellar matter in its way. The filaments depicted here are almost like sustained waves you see from the side here. The complete remnat of the supernova is in a distance of about 1,400 light years in the constellation of Cygnus. The Veil nebula itself extents to about 35 light years.