NGC 884 & NGC 869


Jaspal Chadha

United Kingdom

Technical Details:
Optics:NGC 869 Espirt 100ED (Quad lens) at F5.5
Mount: Ioptron CEM60
Filters: Chroma Technology LRGB filters
Dates/Times:5th September 2015 ( Moon light conditions )
Location: London (UK)
Exposure Details:
L = 5 x 300s R = 4 x 5 500s, G = 4 x 300s , 4 x 300s

Each cluster contains around 300 or more stars, some of which are extremely bright at 50,000x more luminous than our Sun. These two clusters were like to be born of the same molecular cloud in the Perseus Arm around 3-5 million years ago, making them among the youngest star clusters known.