NGC6960 – Western Veil Nebula (HOO – Bicolour Combination)


william tan

Johor, Malaysia

Imaging Detail :
Skyrover 110ED doublet len – ZEQ25 – ASI1600MM Cool
Filter: Baader 7nm Ha=21x120s / Optolong 6.5nm Oiii=20x120s
Total integration: 1.4 hours
Date: 22/7/2017
WL Remote Telescope, Johor, Malaysia.

NGC6960 located at western part of Veil Nebula, is a cloud of heated and ionized gas , dust and supernova remnant in the constellation of Cygnus. Estimation distance about 1,470 light year from Earth. Nebulosity contain of atomic hydrogen (red colour) and oxygen (blue-green colour) gas as show in image. The bright star in the top-center of frame is 52 Cygnus.