David Slack

Newcastle upon Tyne

Revelation 66mm doublet, Altair Astro 0.8 reducer, Baader 1.25″ 7nm Ha filter, SXV-H9 CCD camera, HEQ5 pro, ASI 120mm finder guider. Canon EOS1100d, SW ED80 & CLS clip filter used for Colour image.

NGC7000 presented in HaRGB, 24 x 3 minute subs with 66mm doublet, 7nm Ha filter & SXV-H9 CCD combined and used as a luminance channel under an RGB DSLR image on NGC7000 I’d taken last year. I’m pleased with how the image turned out considering it was took in the June twilight and am glad to put an older image to use for the RGB data. Using the Ha data under the colour image has increased the detail and contrast massively over the original DSLR image.