NGC884 & NGC869 The Double Cluster


Terry Hancock

Fremont, Michigan

Captured from Stephen Wessling Observatory, Fremont, Michigan Nov 9th 2015
Optics: Astro-Tech AT64 Quadruplet Refractor
CCD: QHY23M Monochrome @ -20C
Rainbow-Astro RST-400 EQ Mount
Filters by Optolong
3 x 180 sec LRGB
Total Integration time 36 minutes
Pre Processed with CCDStack, Post Processed in CS6
Star Spikes Pro used for Star diffraction spikes

Just going through some old data and I came across this one that I captured on NOV 9 of 2015 using an Astro-Tech AT65 Quad Astrograph that had been returned to the manufacturer as faulty and then sent to me for troubleshooting, this is only 3 x 180 seconds each LRGB and using Optolong Filters. I found no issues with it in fact I was very impressed with the optics, a perfect combination using the very sensitive QHY23 Mono CCD

The Double Cluster in the constellation of Perseus lie very close to us at only 7500 light years and is one of the most popular targets in the Night Sky for amateur Astronomers and imagers, a perfect object for testing a refractor.