North America Nebula – NGC7000


Rossolatos Antonios

Rafina – Athens Greece

– Telescope: Meade LX200GPS 14″ – HS3
– CCD: ATIK 314L+
– Guiding Telescope: SkyWatcher 80ED Pro
– Guiding Camera: Meade DSI 2
– Guiding Software: PHD
– Filters: Baader Ha, O3, S2
– Processing: MaximDl / CCDStack / PhotoShop CS5
– Exposures: Ha, O3, S2 = 8hrs 45min
– Date: 25, 28, 30 June & 1, 5 July 2011
– Place: Athens Greece

After a lot of preparation, i decided to capture the famous North America Nebula. It is my first time that i try this target and thats why i selected a very special part of it. I was amazed after the combination of the three filters. Its like a painting of our Creator.