Orion Nebula


Chee Guan Chan

Singapore and Malaysia

(Orion EON 80mm ED refractor, QHYCCD QHY22 mono CCD camera, iOptron ZEQ25 mount, Total 5.5 hours of HaRGB data, taken on September/October 2016 from Singapore and Malaysia. Processed with Deep Sky Stacker and Photoshop)

I managed to grab some Ha and RGB data of the Orion Nebula (M42) and Running Man Nebula from 2 separate location. M42 is a diffuse nebula located in the constellation of Orion below Orion’s belt. M42 is being composed mainly of ionized hydrogen which gives off the dominant red glow. NGC 1973/5/7 is a reflection nebula located northeast of the Orion Nebula. The three NGC objects are divided by darker regions. It is also called The Running Man Nebula due to its lanes of dark material that form a shape reminiscent of a running human form.