Orion nebula & Running Man nebula


Jeff Burgess


Celestron ED80, astro modified Canon 1000D with x 0.8 reducer/flattener & Astronomik CLS EOS clip filter, William Optics ZS66 guidescope with Meade DSI pro II mono guide camera, EQMOD controlled NEQ6 pro. Stacked with Deep sky stacker & processed with PixInsight & Photoshop

I have just learned how to layer images so I wanted to select a target where I could really practise my new skills & I think the resulting image is the most detailed I’ve taken yet. I’m very proud of it.

I love imaging this nebula as there is so much to see from the Trapezium at the heart of the bright core all the way out to the faint wispy edges. It’s one I keep coming back to year after year as it never cease to amaze me.