Orion star system


Cliff Tate


Simple home made camera
Used Modded Microsoft Xbox live vision usb cam removed ir filter + added F-no 3.0 FL 7.7mm lens taken from travelar dv3010.
Software used
Op system Xubuntu linux
Software wxastrocapture using full exposure control 1/33 mode
Then used
Avi to raw which makes fits
Then i callibrated fits using software Imageviewca
Then i used Imageviewca to create avi from callibrated fits using settings fixbw slider_black slider_white then i click preview with stretch gets rid of all noise and hot pixels.
Then i registax the created avi to get nice image or sometimes use virtual dub to extract images from created avi.

Here is full image of Orion star system no telescope or binoculars used only modded usb camera.