Pelican Nebula HST

Pelican Nebula HST by Chris Grimmer, Norwich, UK. Equipment: Starlight Xpress SXVR H694 Mono CCD, Baader Narrowband Filters, William Optic GT81 Triplet Refractor, Ioptron CEM60 Standard Mount

Chris Grimmer

Norwich, UK

Starlight Xpress SXVR H694 Mono CCD
Baader Narrowband Filters
William Optic GT81 Triplet Refractor
Ioptron CEM60 Standard Mount

The Pelican Nebula in Hubble Palette (HST).

The Pelican Nebula is part of a large emissions Nebula in the Constellation of Cygnus. The Nebula is part of the North American/Cygnus wall area, but is defined by a large dust cloud, situated between the Nebula and our view point from earth which appears to separate the Nebula.

This is my first image of the season and first using a new mount, which took a little getting used too. This image is a composite of Ha, Oiii & Sii combined in the HST (Hubble Space Telescope) palette.
Sii (Red) = 16x 600s subs
Ha (Green) = 20x 600s subs
Oiii (Blue) = 19x 600s subs.

Stacked via MaximDL and processed in photoshop.