Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera,Sigma 150-600 mm (600 mm length used).

I am very new to astronomy and very basic astro or rather skyskape photography. The Moon was my early childhood fascination which I could eventually photograph since I bought my first camera in July 2016.
On this particular night I was vigilant as the Super Moon was due to approach us the very next day with the distance of only 356.509 km and the next opportunity for me would come again in…18 years.
Knowing this, I was taking every opportunity to keep my head up and eyes widely open.
And then the moment came. Amazing flames of clouds appeared on the sky running slowly towards the Moon and changing shapes along the route. More and more they resembled a kind of bird to fully reveal its shape when covering the Moon – the shape of the Phoenix, the symbol of never-ending transformation.