Refugio Frey


Federico Viegener

Refugio Frey, Cerro Catedral, S.C. de Bariloche, Argentina

Canon 6D, Tokina 16-28

This image has been in my mind for several months, I had no certainty it was feasible but I had imagined it (or dreamed). It was a long wait until the conditions to shoot the photo were met, I had to wait until the end of the winter for the snow to melt to be able to go hiking, and then I needed a moonless clear night in the Andes which is a bit hard to get. Once the snow melted I watched the weather forecast looking for a good night to take the photo. Last Thursday (October 20, 2016) both conditions were met, so around 4 pm me and two friends started our hike to the Frey mountain hut located in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina. It took us a bit more than three hours to get there, we put up the tent and then eat some salami and cheese (a little treat we have when we hike). After the sunset it started to get darker and the night couldn’t be clearer. Around 10 pm the sky was clear, the stars were shining and the moment to take the expected picture had arrived. It was an incredible experience, of those you cherish forever. We woke at dawn at 6.45 am, had some breakfast and started our hike back to the car. Before noon we were at our jobs, with some sore in our legs but with a huge smile in our faces.