Ribbon of Fire In Orion (Sh2-276, M78 & LDN 1622)


Terry Hancock


Camera: QHY367C
Optics: Takahashi FSQ 130 APO Refractor @ F5
EQ Mount: Paramount ME

Captured over 3 nights from Grand Mesa Observatory, Purdy Mesa, Colorado using the QHY367C Full Frame Color CMOS camera and the Holloway TAK130-FSQ
Total Intigration time 3.2 Hours
The image is dominated by Barnards Loop, otherwise known as Sh2-276, a large emission Nebula and part of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex Spanning some 300 light years across.
Also visible in this image at bottom right is the dark nebula LDN 1622 which lies at a distance of approximately 500 light years from earth. At upper left can be seen M78, one of the brightest diffuse reflection nebula in the sky
Located 1,600 light years away, M78 hosts 17 Herbig-Haro objects (patches of nebulosity created by young stars whose jets collide with nearby dust and gas).