Rim Nebula, or ‘The Hands’


Christian vd Berge

Kiripotib, Namibia

Date: July 10 and 16
Location: Kiripotib, Namibia
Optics: APM 107/700 triplet with Riccardi 0.75 reducer
Mount: Fornax 51
Camera: Unmodified Nikon D600
Guiding: Lacerta MGEN
Exposures: 35x8min ISO800 and 16x10min ISO400

This area with NGC6188 is often called the Rim Nebula, but I’ve been calling it ‘the Hands’ as it reminds me of two hands touching. The much smaller emission nebula NGC6164, which can be seen just right of the middle at the bottom of the picture, is much brighter and is even starting to show it’s faint blue outer halo.