Rosette Nebula


Rob Little


Skywatcher NEQ6 Mount
Borg 77EDII F4.6 Astrograph
Skywatcher Startravel 80 with Altair Guidescope and Lodestar Autoguider
Atik 383L+ CCD camera
Starlight Express 7 position Filter wheel with Baader 36mm LRGB and Narrow Band Filter sets

This image was taken over a 2 hour period from midnight on 15 Jan 2016 from my back garden in Corbridge. I only used Ha and OIII filters to create the final image – Ha (red and luminance) and OIII (blue and green).

I had previously imaged this object using my DSLR; this was my first attempt to image the nebula using narrowband filters. The narrowband image highlights the drama and activity – the rose petals being a stellar nursery sculpted by the winds and radiation from the central energetic young cluster of stars. The particles emanating from the central stars are creating the complex gas and dust filaments and are also evacuating the central cluster.