Solar Eclipse.090931


Chris Marshall


Opticstar ED80 refractor on a polar aligned Celestron CGEM mount. Lunt Herschel wedge, Flea 3 1.3Mp mono USB camera. 0.9ND, solar continuum & UV/IR cut filters

Sorry to be a bit incontinent about sending posting eclipse images but I have just worked my way through to this one which was partly obscured by cloud, but I think this gives it a rather dramatic effect especially with the sunspot visible. It’s 22 minutes before maximum here.
Again I am over the moon (or sun) about the results of my first foray into solar imaging which I think is mainly down to the Herschel wedge, enhanced by the solar continuum filter. This is a single frame taken from a 3 second run of 200 frames as the moving clouds made it impossible to stack accurately.