Stained glass in Cygnus


Paul C Swift

Home observatory, Valencia, Spain

Imaging telescope or lens: Vixen VSD 100 f/3
Imaging camera: Sony ICX814
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX
Guiding telescope or lens: Vixen VSD
Guiding camera: sx loadstar
Software: Sequence Generator Pro, Photoshop CS5, PixInsight 1.8, PHD
Filters: Chroma SII 3nm, Chroma OIII 3nm, Chroma Ha 3nm

This is a two panel mosaic of the IC5068 region in the constellation Cygnus
Imaging camera: Starlight Xpress SX-814 Trius
Imaging telescope: Vixen VSD @ F3
Chroma filters: Ha 3nm x20x1800 OIII 3nm x 22×1800. SII 24×1800