Sun, Bank Holiday Monday

Sun, Bank Holiday Monday by Steve Heliczer, Potters Bar, UK. Equipment: 100mm Tecnosky Quadruplet f5.8 refractor, Daystar Energy Rejection Filter, Baader Sky Surfer Finder, Unguided Celestron AVX mount, 2

Steve Heliczer

Potters Bar

Equipment and workflow for attached pics as follows: 100mm Tecnosky Quadruplet f5.8 refractor. Daystar energy rejection filter on objective. Baader Sky Surfer finder. Unguided Celestron AVX mount. 2” diagonal, 4x Teleview Powermate with integrated 2” UV filter. Combo Quark Chromosphere edition Hydrogen Alpha ultra-narrow band filter. ASI ZWO 120MM USB 3 high data rate camera with tilt adaptor for Newton ring elimination.

I took these two pictures on Bank Holiday weekend in May 2018. These pictures are a combination of two separate three minute exposure stacks showing surface spicules, an angry sunspot and prominence edge detail. It has taken me a while to experiment with the best processing work-flow including gamma and RGB settings. Solar astronomy is an absorbing and fascinating hobby – and what better than doing UK astrophotography in a t-shirt following the recent spells of bitter cold? Hopefully when summer arrives and with a little more practice and better seeing my pictures will improve still further.