The Moon 13th July


John Foster

Plymouth, UK

Skywatcher 130 (not the P, just the 900mm spherical mirror)
EQ2 mount with cheap single axis motor (alignment and speed were bang on for a change)
Nikon D3200 oriented S=S in landscape etc to allow 4 panes working from top to bottom.
2x Barlow (because of insufficient inward travel.

The seeing was stunning on the 13th in Plymouth and my recently collimated scope was up to the challenge, I had a great night taking in the views along the terminator, Plato was gorgeous, the southern highlands simply stunning and too much to observe in one session. I decided to image it and this was the result. It’s a 4 pane mosaic of stacked video. Each pane being 1500 frames of 1920×1080 video, aligned in Pipp, stacked in Autostakkert, wavelets in Registax, stitched in Microsoft ICE and a little work in PS on sharpening and contrast/levels. I’m very proud of this one as I have limited equipment.