The Moon


Kane Ridley


Astromaster 130EQ, 17mm plossle eyepiece with Moon Filter, iPhone adaptor & iPhone 6

Having always been interested in astronomy my wife bought me a telescope for my 30th birthday in June, and after a few hours of trial and error I finally found the moon in my sights – I have been hooked ever since!

As you can imagine for the budding astronomer the market is extremely flush with very expensive equipment to observe and record the heavens.

I have taken a modest and budget friendly approach to my astrophotography (I am currently saving for a DSLR) by using only my telescope, a universal adaptor and my iPhone.

To get my images of the moon, I film for about 10 seconds (my mount doesn’t track) and then I edit the film footage in free downloadable software.

After a week of constant cloud this evening proved great for observing the moon and I was able to capture this image. I love the detail around the Copernicus Crater