The Pleiades and Hundreds of Galaxies


Ron Brecher

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Moravian G3-16200 EC camera (on loan from O’Telescope), Optolong RGB filters, 10″ f/3.6 ASA astrograph, Paramount MX, QHY5 guide camera through Lumicon 500 mm f.l. achromat. Acquisition with the SkyX, Focusing with FocusMax. All pre-processing and processing in PixInsight. Acquired from my SkyShed in Guelph. Nearly full moon, no cloud, average transparency and average seeing.

Mosaic Pane 1: 25x5m R, 25x5m G and 21x5m B unbinned frames. Mosaic Pane 2: 27x5m R, 24x5m G and 24x5m B unbinned frames. Total exposure time 12hr10m.

I did not know that there are HUNDREDS of galaxies in the same field as the Pleiades star cluster.