vdB 49


Dan Crowson


Imaged from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri (a red zone) on January 29th and February 12th, 2016 with a SBIG ST-8300M on an Astro-Tech AT90DT at f/6.7 603mm.

LRGB – https://www.flickr.com/photos/dcrowson/26728976546/sizes/l

van den Berg 49 (* ome Ori, HD 37490 and many others) is the star and faint blue reflection nebula at the center of the image. Parts of the cloud further out are designated as LBN 894 and DG 70. vdB 49 is looked between the head of Orion and M42.

Luminance – 12x600s – 120 minutes – binned 1×1
RGB – 8x300s – 40 minutes each – binned 2×2

240 minutes total exposure – 4 hours