Veil Nebula (part) in HST


Chris Heapy

Macclesfield, UK

Scope: Televue NP127is Refractor @ 660mm f/l
CCD: Atik490EX @ 1×1 binning
Mount: 10-Micron GM2000HPS
Guide: unguided
Filters: 3nm Ha, OIII and SII (Astrodon)
Data: 6 x 30min per channel

This is one of the fainter parts of the extensive supernova remnant in Cygnus called the Veil Nebula. In fact, this section is at the distal end of Pickerings Triangle. I chose this target because it is not often imaged at this resolution, and also to test my mount using long 30min unguided exposures. I was curious to see what details could be revealed. Like the rest of the Veil nebula the sinuous shock waves are well differentiated with the use of narrow band filters (H-alpha, OIII and SII).