Veil under a full moon


Terry Hancock


For the testing I have it mounted on my Takahashi E-180 Astrograph and the Rainbow Astro RST-400 EQ Mount, captured from my backyard observatory in Western Michigan. For capturing I used Maxim DL5. For the QHY settings I use Binning 1×1 all channels, Gain 1 and Offset 140. Low Speed for low noise, Remove OverScan area. Cooling at -20C.
With remove overscan selected the final image size is 3616 x 4520 pixels
Initially I did have some issues with the Ascom driver however this has now been resolved and I am impressed with the Camera’s functionality and use.
I used Dark, Bias and Flat Masters, Pre Processed in CCDStack2 and Post Processed in Photoshop CS6

3 x 300 sec LRGB
8 x 600 sec H-Alpha (7nm)
using Optolong Filters

This image does not qualify as an exceptional first light image but at first clear night for months despite having a full moon in the sky I’ll take what I can get and I was eager (and desperate) to try out the QHY16200 for the first time.

Im excited to be testing the new QHY16200A using the huge KAF-16200 CCD Sensor APS-H chip which is in between the KAF8300 and the KAF11002 was developed in collaboration between QHY and ON Semiconductor (formally Truesense)
For details and specifications you can read here