Venus-Pleiades Conjuction


George B. Szoke


Canon EOS 5D MKII, 24 mm f/4 Canon lens, ISO 800, 15 sec, Lightroom postprocess

This shot was taken at the High Peak National Park, Yorkshire on the 9th of April. It was an absolutely perfect and relaxing night. Everything was calm and quiet. The camera was set up for a long time-lapse session, to take 350 exposures about the night sky (the session took about 3.5 hours). The Venus and the Pleiades were close to the horizon, Perseus, Cassiopeia are high above. The city with miĺlions of tiny little street lights was just down in the valley. It wasn’t too cold, there was no wind and the sky was nice and clear (by the way the transparency wasn’t the best, all this because of a massive dust-sand stream has arrived from Africa right at the time when all the time-lapse shots were taken ).
This was a brilliant experience, I really enjoyed!