Waxing Gibbous Moon at Perigee


Jon Watson


An 8-24mm zoom with 2.25x Barlow on a 90mm Maksutov at f32. The source videos were shot with an Omnvision OV4688 sensor (AKA an HTC One camera phone) via eyepiece projection.

Taken five hours before Perigee from Edinburgh’s Southside. The image is a multi-tile composite created from 9 HD videos stacked in Registax. The mosaic was put together in Canon Photostitch and processed in Photoshop. This is my first attempt at a moon mosaic having taken up astronomy earlier this year.

As I stitched the mosaic together I was reminded of a childhood memory – I had somehow broken one of my parents wine glasses, I eventually found all the pieces and painstakingly reassembled it. It stood there on it’s own as I dearly wished all the cracks would vanish. They didn’t of course, and yes, I probably blamed it on the cat!