Widefield Heart, Soul and Double Cluster


Graeme Coates

Standlake, Witney

Baader Modded Canon 350d
Canon 85mm f1.8 EF
IDAS P2 filter
Losmandy GM-8 with Gemini 1.
Homemade motor focuser
Raspberry Pi 3 with KStars/Ekos to control it all!

Exposure was 45x5min (total 3h45m), ISO 400, f4.5.

Reduction and processing in Pixinsight and Photoshop CS4.

A widefield view of the region around the Heart and Soul Nebulae in Cassiopeia, including the Double Cluster over the border in Perseus.

Other objects included in the frame are the reflection nebula LBN 142.14+01.97 to the left of faint emission nebula Sh2-202 (left of the Soul, crossing into Camelopardalis), open cluster Stock 2, and galaxies Maffei 1 and 2 south of the Heart. All these in addition to a host of smaller clusters in the NGC/IC catalogues. North is roughly up from the centre of this image.