Zodiacal Light over Coniston Water


Stephen Cheatley

Coniston Water, Lake District

The shot is a 120 degree panorama made up of 6 frames captured in portrait mode and stitched in Photoshop.

The equipment used was a Nikon D4 and 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.

Each frame shot at……..

Exposure: 20 secs
ISO: 3200
Focal length: 20mm
Aperture: f2.8
Time of capture: March 31st 2016 at approx 21.30 hrs

An image which I shot in early Spring 2016 of Zodiacal Light as it appeared in the sky over Coniston Water in the Lake District around an hour after sunset.
I specifically went to this part of the Lakes because I knew there would be a good chance to see this elusive phenomena because the angle of light would be at a sharp angle against the Milky Way at that time of year. I also had in mind the lack of light pollution there is in the direction I was facing, and that the the Lake & fells would provide a pleasing foreground.