Kendrick Digifire 7 review

The Kendrick Digifire 7 is a sophisticated yet affordable device.

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The Kendrick Digifire 7 is a sophisticated yet affordable device and is the cheapest digital controller in the Kendrick line-up – the Digifire 10 and Premier systems are more expensive.


The Digifire 7 has six outputs: four are programmable and two are straight 12V supplies.

The four individually programmable outputs can each be set with ease to pulse between zero and 100 per cent power to the heater band, depending on what device you have plugged into which output.

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On 100 per cent output, our corrector cleared in 11 minutes. There’s also a low voltage cut-off with an LED that flashes when the battery has dropped to 11.8V, and cuts the controller power off completely when battery output drops to 11.6V (the LED comes on permanently).

The build quality is very high and the box is well screened so that electronic output cannot affect CCD systems. Once again, though, the battery to controller lead was short at 1.3m.

Do you need this technology just for heating a single dew band?

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Possibly not, but if your system is portable, optimising precious battery power might be critical on those really cold, damp nights – especially if you are running multiple dew bands on a corrector plate, finders, and lenses.

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This review originally appeared in the November 2007 issue of Sky at Night Magazine