Olivon QB binoculars review

The Olivon QB is well balanced when hand-held, and easy to attach to a tripod.

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Olivon QB binoculars

The Olivon QB 7×50’s black rubber coating not only looks smart, it gives a good grip with a nice feel to this pair of binoculars, which also comes with a branded soft carry case.


They are well balanced when hand-held, and easy to attach to a tripod.

The lens caps fit well too, and have grab tabs that make them very easy to remove, a feature that should become standard on all models.

Focus adjustments felt positive and were easy to make with the well-positioned wheel; interpupillary adjustment was a little stiff, however.

The multicoated front objective lenses cut internal reflections right down: only slight ghosting from bright stars was noted.

According to the manufacturers, the field of view is 6° but we estimated it to be slightly wider at 6.3°.

In terms of quality of view, the stars Capella and Procyon were both sharp across 70% of the field, with slight distortion creeping in as you placed them nearer the outer 30%.

Elsewhere, Saturn looked star-like yet slightly squashed, hinting at the ring system, while the Moon again looked small, but with reasonable detail along the terminator.

Looking out to the deep sky, the Pleiades star cluster was a delight to view, while the Hyades cluster and the star Aldebaran both fit well into the field.

We could also see smaller targets like the galaxy M51 and the galaxy pair M65/66 in Leo, showing that there is enough light grasp to reveal a good number of objects with this pair of binoculars.


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This review appeared in the May 2010 issue of Sky at Night Magazine