William Optics EzTouch review

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Price correct at time of review
william Optics Eztouch

Price: £399.50
Weight: 8kg
Supplier: Ian King Imaging
Telephone: 01892 834004
Website: www.iankingimaging.com

The EzTouch comes as a mount head on its own or complete with a William Optics tripod.


We reviewed the complete system to maintain a fair comparison, getting hold of the tripod from the Widescreen Centre and the mount head itself from Ian King Imaging.

The tripod is solid wood and has the greatest extendable height of all the systems reviewed.

On the EzTouch mount, the axes have the bonus of graduated scales for altitude and azimuth, which is useful for easily moving the setup exactly to a known position to find the object you want.

The axis tensioning knobs were better than the SkyTee’s, with a good rubberised grip making them easy to adjust or firmly lock the telescope on to a particular night-sky target.

The T-shaped mount head accepts dovetail bars on one side with a dovetail clamp, while the other side has a range of screw holes that allow you to bolt adaptor plates from other types of mounting systems, such as those with Losmandy telescopes.

The EzTouch allowed us to reach all parts of the sky and we were impressed with the amount of weight it could take.

William Optics states that it can take up to two 10kg (22lb) telescopes.

Our 5-inch refractor came in at 10kg and the mount handled it with ease.


The only downside is the high cost, but it might be worth it if you have two hefty telescopes.

This review appeared in the December 2008 issue of Sky at Night Magazine