Transit of Mercury, 11 November 2019: in pictures

A selection of some of the best images of the Mercury transit sent in by readers.

Neil Allen, Norwich. Equipment: iPhone 8, Sky-Watcher Equinox 80 refractor, TS Optics Herschel wedge.
Published: November 12, 2019 at 9:12 am
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On 11 November 2019, the planet Mercury passed across the face of the Sun from Earth's perspective, in an event known as a Mercury transit.


We received a lot of images of the event from readers who'd manage to take advantage of good conditions and capture the planet's silhouette as it drifted across the solar disc.

Here is a selection of some of our favourites.


If you managed to capture the Mercury transit, send your photo to us via email. Find details of how to do so here.


Iain Todd, BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Iain ToddScience journalist

Iain Todd is BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Staff Writer. He fell in love with the night sky when he caught his first glimpse of Orion, aged 10.


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